Review Interview Questions (BlogPost_103)

  1. What has your experience learning to code been like so far? What would you change about it?

I love it! Although this is only my second week in school, I think I have been doing pretty good at this. I know it still is a long learning process ahead of me and probably will never end, I found out how amazing technology is. This is me! Period!

I am putting my full focus on this. However, I have to watch myself not to get overwhelming with the information. There are so much details to learn in coding, but sometimes I have to pull myself out and try to look at it as a big picture.

2. How to you describe the DOM, as you know it so far?

It’s a logical structure, a logical tree where the model allows programmers to logically place defined objects into these documents so it won’t just make the programs functioned as written, but it also allows anyone to come back and make changes, edit, etc.. as needed.

3. Can you explain the difference between coding a website to be responsive and using a mobile-first strategy?

When I code a website, knowing that this website will need to be responsive and will be using for mobile devices, I would make sure to add more CSS styles and adjust sizing of its view so the whole program will meet these needs.

4. What does coding look like to you in your mind?

It is a dynamic language! This language is being used as a tool to communicate with everybody in the world through different available devices. Without coding, these machines will be nothing but dump terminals, like the old days from the beginning of computers.

5. Where do you see yourself working in 365 days from today? What do you want to be working on?

I certainly hope, and I will, pursue a career in this field by then. I would like to gain some knowledge and experience on both Front-End and Back-End developments and continue my endless learning course over the time.

Web Development Student at Lubbock Coding Academy